Our Mission:

Transform the U.S. Infrastructure Model

Blueprint 2025 is a bi-partisan coalition of infrastructure leaders dedicated to transforming the domestic infrastructure market by injecting private investment into key, strategic projects.


Our Platform

We are the only platform that provides private access to key U.S. infrastructure decision-makers and project owners. We focus on strategic projects that produce significant change and economic benefits for our country. By bringing together the best minds of our industry and re-establishing trust between the private and public sectors through specific projects, we produce tangible market change, and thus unlock business opportunities simultaneously.



Public Sector Stakeholders

U.S. Federal Agencies, U.S. Congress, and the Office of the White House are involved with the Blueprint 2025 community


Private Sector Leaders

Leaders from all industries, including engineering and construction, technology, finance, etc. dedicated to transforming the U.S. market



Years of experience

Over 3 decades of experience working in U.S. infrastructure and building a constituency of leaders who support and value our mission.


Find the diamond in the rough.



We want to end the disconnect between infrastructure project decision-makers and owners by being the only platform that provides private access to these very individuals. Nothing should stand in the way of the next great infrastructure project benefitting communities and its residents; open communication and discovery is the first step toward a better tomorrow.

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Attracting attention from investment opportunities within the private sector, public pension funds and other areas for infrastructure projects will achieve significant change and economic benefits for our country. Marrying the public and private sectors restores trust, produces tangible market change and unlocks myriad business opportunities.


By opening the door to discovering new infrastructure projects, and taking advantage of new investment opportunities, the ability to transform the U.S. infrastructure model is within reach. Our platform aims to remove the gridlock plaguing our current system and provide better infrastructure project support for our communities.

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May 2019

The visionaries in this room this room are the ones making a difference

- Bryn Fosburgh, Senior Vice President - Trimble


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